Natascha Friedl, PhD., LL.B.

Managing Director


Natascha is based in Vienna and Linz

Natascha executed several IFRS and ERP-System Implementation projects in line with process management changes in the Automotive / Energy / Industry Solutions sectors. She had the lead in Carve-Out, M&A and Restructuring projects as well as accompanied two Telecom Start-Ups. She recently advised a technology start-up in the search for new investors and term-sheet for round B, re-negotiations of customer contracts and organisational structuring as well as financial issues including subsidies. Natascha has more than 20 years of experience in the fields of Accounting & Controlling, Strategy, Contract Management and Business Development with working experience in AUSTRIA, AUSTRALIA, SOUTH EAST EUROPE, BULGARIA and SPAIN. She is fluent in German and English and has a good command of Spanish.


Natascha holds a PhD in Business Administration of the University of Business Administration and Economics in Vienna and a LL.B. in Commercial Law of the Johannes-Kepler-University in Linz. During her professional career she successfully completed an IPMA - Senior Project Manager certificate and several international leadership trainings as well as supervisory board trainings.


  • Tondach Gleinstätten AG, CFO
  • Steyr Motors GmbH, CFO
  • Siemens VAI GmbH, Restructuring / PMI EUROPE
  • Siemens AG Österreich, Head of Business Unit Oil & Gas / Sector Industry
  • Siemens Networks EOOD, Bulgaria, CFO
  • Siemens AG Österreich, Business Development CEE - Sector Energy
  • Telefónica Móviles - 3G Austria
    Head of Strategy & Business Planning
  • Telekom Austria AG
    Technologyprogram and Project-management
  • GmbH (T-Mobile Austria)
    Head of Finance Projects


"In the course of our set-up process for the successor states of  former Yugoslavia and Slovakia Natascha essentially contributed  to the success of Siemens due to her sense for the plausibility of numbers and a huge knowledge of the markets and technological context. Her incredibly quick grasp, her ability to abstract to the right extent and identify challenges together with her structured mindset and function predestine Natascha for tasks in both strategical and operational field. 

Mag. Michael Mayrobnig, Division Head, ELIN Austria

Experience / Advisory:

Mergers & Akquisi-tions (search for investors, project management & execution)


Efficiency analysis and cost savings, turn around managment


Compliance & ICS implementation

Overall - company processes and structure (analysis and implementation)

contracts screening and -management (incl. term-sheets)

Busiiness Plan (market, customer segmentation, balance, P&L, Cash Flow)

Implementation IFRS / ERP systems


"Natascha is a very professional, goal oriented and responsive person. She is very friendly and open minded with excellent communication and intercultural skills. Very focused and efficient.

Georgi Atanassov, NSN Head of Commercial Sales

"Natascha  is an always well recognised teamplayer who impressed everybody with her know-how. I especially appreciate her inconspicuous but definite attitude to push things forward."

Markus A. Gaßner, TELEKOM AUSTRIA  Strategy & Innovation Manager

„While proceeding a SAP-Project together, I got to know Natascha as a competent and determined leading character who has the ability to take an informed decision even in tough situations"

DI Hubert Kögl, SCC EDV Beratung,